Dual Flying Fox


The Flying Fox is a great activity that helps develop confidence at heights and is still quite challenging for many students. All 3 activity centres offer a Flying Fox each with its own unique twist for optimal enjoyment

At some centres the ability for student pairs to go together helps develop peer support, or healthy competition, depending on the setting and allows two people to directly share the experience.

Morisset: This dual flying fox isĀ 8m high & 120m long and is the fastest flying fox at Outdoor Education reaching speeds of aroundĀ 60km/h.

Gosford: A single line flying fox that departs in the trees of Mangrove Mountain before bursting out over the campsites dam before finishing 150m away in a net on the other side.

Forster: A dual flying fox that departs from the top of the Waterslide Hill around 15m in the air. The participants then go over the campsites dam before landing on the finishing runway on the opposite side 120m away.

Available for all ages and abilities


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