Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing tests physical co-ordination, agility and endurance. It also tests students problem solving skills as they attempt to pick the easiest path from the bottom to the top. Trust and teamwork are also important as climbers are belayed by teams of their peers. With an activity as valuable as this it is easy to realise why it is so popular.

Rock Climbing is available at the following centres

Morisset: A 5m and 10m tower with 3 climbs on each side

Gosford: A 10m tower with 3 climbs

Watagans (off-site activity from the Morisset Centre) : 2 natural face rock climbs are available in the Watagan Mountains at the Monkey Face site.

**Off-site activities incur an additional cost and should be requested at the tie of booking your program to ensure they are available and the correct costings are included.



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