Other Activities

While not in the air or on water, the students are offered to take part in other fun activities, which aim to develop teamwork, cooperation and communication.

Please have a look at our great range of other activities below :


Safe and fun. Structured lesson and practice time.


Guided bushwalking experience. From 1/2 day environmental awareness to 3 day expeditions.


Combining navigation skills, bushwalking, abseiling, rock climbing. Ranges from overnight bivouacs to 3 day expeditions.


Great fun and very safe. Protective equipment used to suit all ages. Structured lesson and practice time.


Are your students made to be archeologist ?
Let's permit them to unveil their potential and make their proofs by finding dinosaurs tracks.

Mud World

Challenging mud course for teamwork and a lot of fun.


Extension of orienteering skills. Bush point to point course as part of a day visit to the Watagan Mountains.


Introduction to navigation. Score course or point to point courses at the centre.


Teamwork Initiative Activity.

Senses Trail

One student is blindfolded while a buddy has to guide them through a short course. Through this activity students learn to trust their buddy as they become their eyes which develops teamwork.

Teamwork Matrix

Low ropes activity to promote small group teamwork.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is a fun and exciting activity of search and explore. It encourages teamwork and cooperation.

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