Located in Mangrove Mountain the Gosford Centre has the perfect location to include a bush walk into your program. Its a great break up from the high action adrenaline activities that are often associated with camp and can also include some initiative exercises if you'd like to include some team building activities along the way.

For the more adventurous or those seeking to add an extra challenge to their PASS or PD/H/PE program we have a number of hikes through the Watagan Mountains. These hikes can be just a few hours up to a 3 day full expedition.

Hopefully, by the end, students will have gained a greater respect for the environment, if not just a greater knowledge of the local flora and fauna.

Available on-site at the Gosford Centre and suitable for all ages.

Also available off-site afrom the Morisset Centre in the Watagan Mountains and suitable for Year 8 to 12.

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