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Challenge Ropes

Constructed high in the natural forest canopies, we have created a collection of unique tree platforms. These eco friendly decks surround the trunks of trees and are connected by a series of obstacles designed to challenge anyone adventurous enough to ascend to the course! While travelling from platform to platform, you will encounter tight ropes, flying foxes and a vast array of structures requiring all of your balance and courage to conquer!

Go Karts

Challenge your friends and get your own heart racing on our professional go cart track! Featuring timed laps and grid position starting set up, this will give anyone a true sense of the thrill of motor racing. We offer a choice of 2 carts and engine capacities to suit the drivers experience and expertise, including a double cart option allowing a driver and a passenger to race around the track together. With lessons and advice always on hand from our friendly staff and all of the latest safety gear provided, anyone is sure to enjoy the adrenaline rush of racing on our track.


Our site features a modern quad bike track with exciting turns and banks suitable for beginners to learn on or more advanced riders to tests their skills. The meticulously maintained fleet of 90cc Honda quads provide all the power a rider could wish for when navigating our well graded dirt track and our team of professional instructors will have even a novice or first time rider enjoying the fast paced excitement of this sport in no time at all!

Animal Trapping

Have you ever wondered just what it was that makes that rustling sound in the night outside your window? At Adventure Land you can discover for yourself with our animal trapping exercises. As the sun sets, you will learn to set traps and baits to lure in the many natural inhabitants of the surrounding bush. These eco friendly traps are designed not to injure the animals in any way, simply allowing the captives to be inspected and admired before being once again released into the wild.

Water Slide

Time to cool off ? Do it in the most exciting way possible – by shooting down our fast flowing water slides! A short trip to the top, a deep breath and a brave plunge will see you flying down one of our two fully enclosed water slides, zooming through its exciting twists and turns before finally splashing down in the cool blue landing pool below. Our fully trained staff are always there to ensure safety and fun, so why not come and chill out on our water slides!

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