Abseiling can be a very rewarding activity for students in learning to develop trust in their instructor, the equipment and themselves.

Students find an enormous amount of personal satisfaction in overcoming their fear of stepping backwards off a tall object.

Abseiling is offered at:

Morisset: A 5m and 10m abseiling tower

Gosford: A 10m abseiling tower

Watagan Mountains (Off-site program run from Morisset Centre): 5m, 15m or 50m natural abseil at Monkey Face (Gap Creek)

Glenworth Valley (Off-site program run from Gosford Centre): 10m natural face abseil

Available for all ages, however, generally Year 5-12 on site and Year 7 - 12 for the off-site Natural Face abseiling.

Off-site activities will incur additional costings and should be negotiated at the time of booking your camp


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